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I approached John following two failed attempts at my part 3. With a few months to go before the end ... read more..

What our pupils have to say

Below are some GENUINE comments from REAL pupils who have learnt to drive with John Pierrepont School of Motoring.

YOU could join them ! Call now to book your lesson and get on the road to your licence.

Byron Fitchett
Passed 1st Time

John Owen is a brilliant instructor passed first time. Makes it simple for you. Plus he´s a great laugh. He was my second instructor ( I gave up with the first one from a different driving school he was useless) massive thanks to him

Tom Stone
Passed 1st Time

Hi this is Tom, a former pupil of John Owen,

After stopping lessons with my first instructor due to lack of development in my driving, my mate at sixth form gave me Johns number and so I booked a lesson with him. From first lesson I improved my driving with him and he was very clear on how to o things and patient if I didn´t pick it up straight away. He was a good bloke to chat to but at the same time he was a great teacher as I only had around 9-10 hours of lessons until I passed my test yesterday. John made me feel very comfortable on the roads and I progressed rapidly with him.

Cheers, Tom Stone
Bethany Johnstone
Hi I want to say a massive thank you, to Jonny for helping me pass my test this week. You have been an excellent instructor, very calm and and friendly. I will recommend you to my friends!
Thanks again!!!

Bethany Johnston
Alistair Jackson
´I first came across John Pierrepont after receiving nothing but inconsistency and unreliability from one of the major national companies operating in my area. My first lesson with John Owen left me immediately impressed by the professional yet personable approach to teaching; a standard that would continue with every lesson to follow. The atmosphere was relaxed, comfortable and reassuring throughout; a must have for first time drivers!

Adapting each lesson to my individual needs meant that I could develop and refine each necessary skill at a pace that suited me. Flexible lesson hours were also a brilliant help while holding two part time jobs with inconsistent hours.

After a silly mistake in my first test resulted in failure, constant reassurance helped me to retain the confidence to pass my second attempt with zero faults. If you´re looking for an instructor that will take the time to get to know you and adapt to your needs, look no further.

Many thanks John.

Alistair Jackson´
Lewis White
Passed 1st Time

I have recently passed my test due to the calm and skillful teaching methods shown by Johnny. Not only that but he is just an all round solid guy! We got on from the moment we met and that greatly increased my ability to learn from him. I cannot thank him enough for helping me achieve one of my life long dreams and now thanks to him I can drive with detailed knowledge of the road and how to be safe using it. I will defiantly be recommending him to my friends when they wish to learn to drive, without hesitation. I would like Johnny to be commended on his ability to be patient and helpful throughout the whole experience (if it were me I´d loose my mind!) and his ability to make time for not only me but all of his students (there must be a reason hes fully booked!)

Once again Thanks Johnny mate!
Adam Fox
Passed 1st Time

Johnny is a top-notch driving instructor. He was patient, encouraging and a real calming influence in any time of stress. His explanations were always clear and concise. He has helped me to pass first time with no minors! Very highly recommended
Holly Ford
Passed 1st Time

I passed my test first time. on Friday 10th March.

Johnny Owen was a patient and very clear instructor. In addition to our work in the regular lessons, Johnny provided regular feedback which helped to structure my practice in my own car, to allow me to work on areas for improvement.

Johnny is a very good instructor and a lovely guy. I would recommend him for any new driver.

Craig Osborne
Passed 1st Time

passed my test on monday and Im writing a testimonial for John Owen.

After finishing university and having the frustration of owning a car I wasn´t able to drive, I turned to the John Pierrepont school of motoring. John Owen was a patient and clear instructor that I would recomend to anyone. I ended up passing with just 2 minors. Thank You John!
Rowen Hedley
Passed 1st Time

Hi John,

I´ve just finished my driving lessons with Gurj and wanted to let you know how I got on.

Gurj is a great Driving Instructor and one that I would definitely recommend to family and friends. He´s friendly, enthusiastic and someone who clearly knows their job well and is passionate about driving.

I found Gurj to be very patient, calm and understanding, something that I really appreciated.

I´m pleased to say that I passed my Driving Test last week on Thursday 24th November, first time thanks to Gurj´s help and encouragement.

Kind regards,
Reece Lauder
Passed 1st Time

I would just like to give a massive thanks Gurj who took me on when I already had some vary basic driving ability but managed to work with me to develop on what I already knew. From the first lesson everything was very relaxed and enjoyable. With the help from Gurj I manage to pass my test first time after two and a half months of lessons. One thing that was always stressed though was he teach´s you how to drive safely not how to pass a test something which has helped tremendously on my first few alone drives. Thanks Gurj.
Rob Hatton
Passed 1st Time

Johnny Owen is a top driving instructor; patient, helpful, encouraging, knowledgable and a calming influence! Helped me pass my test first time after just 14 lessons with some additional practice driving my own car between lessons. I couldn´t have been happier with the tuition provided - if you´re looking around for an instructor, stop looking now and give Johnny Owen a call.
Thomas Morgan
Passed 1st Time

I am just writing to give my compliments to the driving instruction of Johnny Owen. I recent passed first time with 4 minors after having around 7 lessons with Johnny. He was calm, collected and a great person to learn with and without him I wouldnt have passed even when I was learning in my own car he would communicate with my dad and my uncle who were taking me out to ensure I was working on the correct things taking customer service to a level above I have recommended many people to drive with him and will continue to do so! Thanks for hiring just an awesome guy!
Heather Smith
Passed 1st Time

"Gurj has been a great driving instructor and as a result of his teaching I passed first time. He is always patient, explains things very well and is very safety conscious. He will teach you to drive safely and well for life, not just to pass a test. It is worth the money. I am not a "natural driver" and really lacked confidence. Now I enjoy driving. Thank you!"
Luke Parker
" Special thanks to my driving instructor, Gurj, who has taken me from being a complete non-driver to an accomplished skilled driver, passing my test in just four months.
I have always found Gurjs´ tuition to be to an excellent standard, with every lesson being well structured, enjoyable and informative.
Very pleased with the overall quality of the service and I would definitely recommend John Pierrepont School of Motoring to anyone thinking of learning to drive "
Matilda Bott
i didn´t learn to drive until after i finished university, by which time i was desperate to just pass! gurj was fantastic at organising the sessions so i got the most out of each and every lesson. he was a great person to have in the car as i always felt he believed in my ability which made me a more confident driver. he made sure i didn´t just learn to pass, but learn to drive. he is a fantastic instructor and i would recommend him to anyone and everyone wishing to learn to drive
Benita Kelly
Passed 1st Time

I would like to thank Doug for helping me pass my test the first time. Driving in the UK is very different than driving in the us. couldn´t have done it without him.
Charlotte George
i´ve past my test and i would like to thank doug for all his help and patience in getting me here. unfortunately i have met instructors who shout and lose their calm but not doug. he has been a brilliant teacher and has kept me going when i’ve just wanted to give up. i’m so glad i didn’t as i wouldn’t have my lovely red mini now! thank you!
Fiona Connolly
Passed 1st Time

an excellent business and service from the start! very friendly and calming instructors (especially good with nervous drivers like me), who were always professional and on time. i received great instruction on how to drive- not just how to pass a test! the car i learnt in was great to drive and happy to say i passed first time. a special thanks to doug, my instructor, who i will continue to recommend to everyone.
Diana Jackson
Passed 1st Time

Hi John
I passed my driving test on Friday, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and to my instructor Gurj for helping me achieve something I didn´t think possible! Gurj has been absolutely amazing,throughout the whole experience, and I passed first time! many, many thanks.
Diana Jackson
Kath Elliott
Just to thank you for my hours in preperation for my check test. I realy enjoyed the time with Trev and i would like to recommend you to anybody who like me has been independant for over 20 years and had had no further training. It really is worth going for a refresher course so that you can tick all the boxes and be given some independant advice, that way you can achieve a high grade as i did. Many thanks again
Samantha Whittingham
Passed 1st Time

I was taught to drive by John Pierrepont. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John as his lovely nature and excellent teaching skills are a fantastic combination for confidence-building and providing a safe start to driving.
Diana Jackson
I just had my first driving lesson with Gurj, and couldn´t be happier. I couldn´t have wished for a better instructor, and feel completely confident that he´s the one to help me pass my test.
Simon Hopkinson ADI Mansfield
I recently passed Part 3 at the second attempt. I had some initial training elsewhere before finding John Pierrepont School Of motoring through a link on the DSA website. My training was with one of John’s training colleagues Mick Thornhill. Mick is a top guy who I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who is starting out on the road to ADI qualification as an excellent trainer. Once I began training with Mick the concerns I had with my previous training started to disappear and I quickly developed the skills I needed to get that all important Part 3 pass. A big thank you to Mick for all the support, tuition and guidance you’ve provided in the last 10 months
Steve Thornhill ADI Nottingham
Well here we are again, to say a massive thank you to the John Pierrepont School Of Motoring in Derby. As before with Parts 1 & 2 John has given me great support, now with the Part 3, what a struggle. Whilst giving me one to one lessons, this man has the patience of a Saint. Failing the Part 3 three times with the big boy driving school, at the last attempt I was still petrified, all I was told was “not to worry you will be OK” (what a waste of money). As previously mentioned, attended John’s courses for Parts 1, 2 & 3, must say that with 2 & 3 passed first time. With John’s help and guidance for Part 3 I received 4/5 for PST 6. When I came back down from the clouds in the de-brief the SE informed me that not only was the marking very close to 5/5, he also mentioned that I was “very polished” from the training that I had received from John. Once again thanks John for your support and believing in me that I could do it.
Kevin Murphy ADI Burton-on-Trent
I passed my Part 3 this week at my third attempt. After failing twice John was recommended to me and I feel that the lessons I received with him have been invaluable. I agree with all the things said here, John is professional, experienced and thorough. I owe him a big thank you!
Steve Brown ADI Derby
Thank you to the John Pierrepont School Of Motoring
I have been with John from the start of my training so I can’t comment on other training courses, but I have heard some terrible stories of confidence shattering, demoralising and expensive tuition by some of these places. So on a happier note I’m really pleased to have found John first time round. His professionalism and complete knowledge and understanding of what makes a good instructor, made training for a new career, enjoyable and structured. I looked forward to each and every training session and endless times I sat in the back of actual lessons. I passed Part 3 first time, even though the old nerves got going, I knew I could overcome them with the tools and knowledge John put into place. Thanks John and all the ADI’s at John Pierrepont School Of motoring, not forgetting Trevor.
Vicky Wagstaff ADI Derby
I was training with a large training provider but felt that I was not making progress. John Pierrepont was recommended to me. I found him to be very approachable, and with his guidance, support and encouragement I was able to build my confidence. I decided to continue my training with John, and subsequently achieved my ADI qualification. Without John’s help, I don’t feel that I would be where I am today, which is a very busy, competent and successful instructor
Mick Thornhill ADI
John Pierrepont trained me to become an ADI in the year 2000, and I have not looked back since. John will be committed to you, honest with you and train you to teach to his own high standards. I have met and worked with instructors who have been trained with other training providers that left huge gaps in their knowledge and ability, they then come to John for serious remedial work. I work mainly as an independent instructor, but I am still closely involved with John. My work comes completely through recommendations, which reflects the high standard of training that John gave me, and his continued support and guidance since I qualified
Elliot Langan ADI Derby
To pass your Part 3 exam there is no substitute for good quality training and for that you should look no further than John Pierrepont. After initially training with and becoming totally despondent by a national training organisation, I realised I needed some extra help. I didn’t want to shell out thousands again so I when I saw John offered the pay as you go option it was perfect. I wasn’t disappointed either. You soon find out he isn’t a grade 6 trainer for no reason and his wealth of knowledge, structured lessons and invaluable advise were a godsend. I sat in on lessons with his instructors, which was a fantastic eye opener too. John’s reputation is such that PDI’s from Scotland travel to Derby to train with him.
John White ADI Crich
I did some Part 3 training with John just prior to my third attempt at Part 3, due to the fact that my regular trainer was on holiday for 3 weeks (how inconvenient). But I found John’s methods very, very easy and helpful. His role-play as “Trevor” was so good and typical of a Supervising Examiner on a Part 3 test. The “sit down” chats and de-briefs in his office at his home I found helpful indeed. I passed my part 3 in Chesterfield on 10th May on my third attempt after over 2 years training. Although John played a small part in my road to becoming an ADI, I owe him a big thank you, because I believe he found and fitted the last final piece of the jigsaw (so to speak). Thanks John.
Christine Hunt ADI Worksop
Passed 1st Time

I trained with John from the start, so cannot compare his training to other individuals or other organisations. However, first time passes speak for themselves. I researched carefully before committing to a trainer and found John through I am so glad that I did. What he doesn’t know about driving and both learner & ADI training could be written on the back of a postage stamp. However, it’s his ability to impart that knowledge and enable others to understand and put it into practice for themselves, that makes him special. ADI training is not easy, and there were moments when I thought I would never get it all to come together. However, John’s humour, patience and understanding enabled me to succeed. In addition, John gives way more than his hourly fees. His hospitality and chats over lunch were over and above what I paid for. Many thanks also to John’s instructors, Alex, Steve and Mick who let me watch them teach for real. I learnt something new from you all. John you’re a star!! Thank you for setting me on the road to a new career
Helen Edwards ADI Derby
I started my instructor training with a large college and, unfortunately, failed Part 3 twice. I was then recommended to contact John Pierrepont, which thankfully I did. John instantly made everything much clearer and easy to understand, I learnt more in one hour with him, than in a whole day with my previous trainer. I then passed Part 3 with John’s help, guidance and encouragement. When I received the date for my first check test, I contacted John again and carried out check test preparation with him. This enabled me to achieve a Grade 6. John is a very friendly and professional instructor and I would recommend him every time.
Gary Burrows ADI Leicester
Well let me say that I am still in shock from passing my Part 3 on Thursday, I knew I had given a good go but didn’t think I had made it. After the event I can say that I really enjoyed it, whilst doing it, it may have been a different story.
I must say a big thank you for all your help and support you have given me over the last 9 months, I know without you it I would not have passed. I was very pleased with the way you conduct the training and the way “Trevor” simulates the faults. They were extremely realistic as I found out on my test.
Once again thank you very much and hopefully I will come over and see you soon to tell you all about my part 3 test. Then there is the run up to my check test so plenty of opportunity to get to see you in the future.
Claire Whysall ADI Nottingham
I rang John Pierrepont from a recommendation from another driving instructor who passed part 3 with him. I needed to pass my check test and was at a very low ebb when I called him.

He is a very pleasant, informative, positive and extremely patient person and got me out of the abyss I was in. it was hard work as he taught me the proper way to be an instructor and how to approach my check test.

I realise that it always is an ongoing process to be a competent instructor and feel John really set the foundations for me to be a better instructor. So he helped me with my check test and far beyond the check test.

He went out of his way to help me and we had a few laughs along the way! As they say “You have seen the rest now see the best”. I admit I have not used an ordited instructor before but felt John was of a very high standard. He helped me boost my confidence and got me through the check test. What more did I need. I wish I had known about him when I first decided to start to learn to be a driving instructor as it is a lot harder to get out of bad training, it would have been better to learn properly at the beginning.
Mark Middleton ADI Derby
I still can´t believe that I have passed and am now an ADI. I had failed my second attempt at part 3 with one of the big providers and realised finally that I had been conned. After receiving my debrief for my failed part 3, another instructor at the test centre with a pupil on test, recommended John to me. When I stopped later in the local (to me) car park, there was a John Pierrepont car with the instructor getting out. I jumped out and asked "Are you John?". He was John and we arranged an appointment for the next day and I never looked back.

I don´t know how the guys at the college sleep at night with what they do. John teaches by the hour, and he delivers. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, to change the ways I was "instructing" my drivers. Some lessons I felt like I had been in a boxing match, but John´s patience and knowledge and understanding were what I had been chasing all along. Trevor, John´s alter ego really let me know what I needed to do.

After my third attempt where I had passed and not just scrapped it, I still couldn´t believe it. The examiner was pleased whereas I was just relieved. I understood what I had done to pass but John was pleased with it. Having being previously duped I was still expecting some mistake and they would take my badge away. I am still training with John because what he does is not limited to just getting you through the PSTs, but getting you to be a real instructor who knows what to do and why.

I can honestly say that if I had been with him from the beginning the whole thing would have been fun and satisfying. I look at my green badge with my face on each day I work and wonder why I had to be rescued by John. He does what it says on the tin, which is a damn sight more than the first place I was with. Thank you John. Maybe I can work for you too!
Steve Thornhill ADI Nottingham
Hi all, here goes again another MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the driving instructors who are with the John Pierrepont School Of Motoring Derby. Especially to John ´n´ Trevor, Mick Thornhill (no relation) Vicky, Stevie Brown who all supported me in the hard task in getting me through my check test. With all the hard work and patience from day one starting up as an instructor, passing part one,two,three leading up to my check test on the day of my check test feeling more confident I achieved a grade 5.?Once again massive thanks for giving up your time to help me achieve this. The recommendation for John and company is a big yes every time, so if you want a one to one go to John.

Sorry for not informing you of my grading on the day this was due to illness. :oops: Still have my Mini John. Many thanks Steve T.
Mark Osborne ADI Derby
I have been an instructor now for 4 years and firmly believe in CPD.I have always sought to improve my instruction.

I have successfully completed the Diploma in driving instruction and hold the DIAmond Advanced Special Test and the Rospa Advanced Driving Test to gold standard all have which served me well. But I have to say the best CPD I have done to date is the 6 hours of training I have done with John. Driving Instructor Training is extremely difficult but John puts the information across in such a way that you understand the areas of improvement that need to be made.

You can read as many books as you like, I have improved my instruction more in 6 hours than in 600 hours of reading and trial and error.

I will certainly be taking more CPD with John
Geoff Campbell ADI Dumfries
John Pierrepont is the best instructor trainer I have met. I have tried tedious amounts of studying and training to try to get me through my Part 3, but I never understood any of it at all. I bumped into John at a DSA conference for Training companies. It was at my last attempt for the part 3, prevailing in the next couple of weeks and was fairly certain I would not pass it again, until I met John and discussed the part 3 exam with him. He informed me that he was part of the ORDIT register and provided training for the part 3. After just talking to him, I felt he conveyed the information in a way that I could understand, so decided to book him to train me as I was under pressure to gain my part 3 in a couple of weeks time. I worked with John over a period of 4 or 5 days, travelling from Dumfries to Derbyshire. At the end of my course, I understood what was required of me during my part 3 test and felt much more reassured to go ahead and sit the exam. After going through various training organisations it was a relief to find someone who could tell me what was required of me and be able to do this. We now use John as our company trainer for our instructors going through the ADI process, and now having passed my part 3, I am back to John preparing for my impending check test.
Sue Cox ADI Derby
I started out with the leading instructor training provider money up front and i was disappointed. I hadn´t a clue what to do no support or anything. My lessons there were basically guess the PST and nothing really about teaching a learner on the road. I was due to take my part 3, 2 months after being on the road. o know id not got a chance of passing it and i was being realistic. A fellow instructor who i worked with at the mentioned johns name. I immediately rang him when i got home. I thought well pay by the hour and if i didn´t feel any good after then id not lost anything.

My first lesson with john was a real eye opener id wondered what id wasted my money on with the provider id been with. i knew nothing and what i did know wasn´t worth knowing basically.

From the first lesson i was learning what i needed to Learn and putting it straight into practice. I had 24 hour support 7 days a week. I am now teaching and feeling confident about my abilities to teach where as before i didn´t.

Johns great, he is consistent with everything he’s taught me he justifies everything you do and shows you a very good way to teach. My teaching on the road improved over night. I then took my part 3 on the 21st May and passed. I’d have never done it without john at all.

To be honest you´d be a fool not to go to john, as he’s absolutely brilliant. I´ve even got after test support if I need it. He’s a nice guy and genuine. to john your a person and he adapts to your needs where as others your just a number. I always recommend him to everyone I speak too.

Thanks john your a star
Paul Dearson ADI Leicester
I chose John for a trainer after one phone call. John has been around and his vast experience coupled with a distinctly individual view of the profession make for a down to earth approach liberally sprinkled with rich humour. Learning with him is challenging and he will not spare the horses if you get it wrong. However, I have never dreaded the hour haul up the M1, unless I haven´t prepared the next PST correctly.

I´ve read the other reviews about JP and agree with all of them. However there is one final clincher about this man. It´s a bit of a secret but I am here to tell you he does it for £35 an hour. I am told that the going rate for 1 to 1 O.R.D.I.T training is £50 an hour. Even a quick comparison between this and the big franchises will prove the old adage "Less is more." Get in there while he´s still daft enough to charge such a reasonable fee.

Also with JPSOM you get the drop in centre, in other words all the other ADIs in the JP group. It will give you insights into the business and ideas to improve/promote yourself.

DSA ruling to one side, I am hoping to be the Leicester branch of the John Pierrepont School of Motoring.

Very many thanks to him, Trevor, Kathryn and Millie.
Kevin Lyle ADI Long Eaton
I approached John following two failed attempts at my part 3. With a few months to go before the end to my qualification period, John (and Trevor) set to work on me. I soon realised that my previous instruction, although well meant, was limited. John´s instruction was very professional, logically organised and thorough. Unfortunately I failed my final attempt through some nerves and missing a vital error. My confidence in John´s instruction prompted me to retake all three parts again. Using John´s principles and techniques I successfully became an ADI four months later.
Peter Millington ADI Burton-on Trent
Just a quick letter of thank´s for all your help in preperation for my check test. I´d advise anyone who has a check test about to come up, to seek your advice. You are very passionate about your job, and instruction techniques which certainly helped me. We all get a little rusty after a four year gap between check tests, but seeing you, as you put it, "tweeked me" giving me several new ways and direction in giving instruction. "Guess what I got that grade six". Many thanks Pete
Elaine Heaps ADI Burton-on Trent
After making my decision to become an ADI, I decided the only way to go would be with a well known company, what a mistake that turned out to be! After most of my lessons, I was left feeling frustrated and sometimes upset at the thought that I was never going to get through the training. I was however, successful with my part one and two but then went on to fail my part three twice. I asked the company I was with for more help but had to wait six weeks before they got back to me. At this point I felt I’d had enough! I found John on the net and gave him a call; within a couple of weeks I’d started lessons with him. We basically started from scratch, which I was happy to do. Just listening to John talk about Instructing is an absolute pleasure, he has so much knowledge and his way of teaching is so structured, with that and his patience, calmness and caring approach to his PDIs, it makes learning so much easier. He also makes it quite clear to you that he’s only a phone call away if you have any questions you need to ask. I passed my third attempt at part three thanks to John, and am now an ADI, working confidently with the skills needed to help my pupils become good drivers. I also have to say a massive thank you to Mick, Johns colleague who let me sit in on his lessons to listen and learn, and to Alex, John’s son who stepped in on lessons when John was on holiday. I would highly recommend John to anyone who is thinking of becoming an ADI and in the words of Tina Turner, John “You’re Simply the Best”. So thanks a million, Elaine
Russell Stones-Walton ADI Chesterfield
I was given the impression, by a large training organisation, that I could become a driving instructor within a year. I worked extremely hard and passed Parts 1 and 2 on target. As I prepared for part 3, all of my training was complete and I practiced daily. Within my year’s target, I applied for the test as I had worked really hard and felt ready. My hopes, however, were dashed as I failed. I had not expected it to be so intense and, although my subject knowledge was good, my teaching skills were poor. I contacted the training provider for extra training but was told I couldn’t get any until I had booked my next attempt. What a dilemma! I was not ready to throw away another attempt. I searched the Internet and found John Pierrepont School of Motoring and read some testimonials from his clients. What they said related to how I was feeling. Another bonus was that lessons could be paid for one at a time. No £3,000 up front. It sounded too good to be true. I had nothing to lose so I booked an appointment with him just to talk and he asked me to take my test-marking sheet with me. When we met, I was confronted with a larger than life character who was friendly and listened and discussed with me – yes discussed – my test results and what my options were to proceed. After a very nervous assessment on the road, the help and advice he gave made a lot of sense. So, with John’s help, I set out to improve my skills and knowledge. I was soon to meet John’s alter ego – his portrayal of a pupil called “Trevor”. Now, I am not going to dress the training up to be some kind of miracle. It has been a lot of hard work. John works towards your goal with you and always listens to your concerns. During my final test, I used all the skills honed by John (Trevor). The examiner said “I am pleased to say you have been successful” He had no real points to de-brief and I scored a 6:5. I would have been happy with a 4:4! All I have to say to end this is thanks John t
Ray Waterhouse ADI Peterborough
Dear John, I should like to sincerely thank both you and Trevor for the work you undertook to bring me to the required standard to pass the D.S.A. “check test”. I was grateful you were able to assist even to the extent of finding alternative personnel when going on holiday. I am forever thankful to you and Trevor and cannot thank you enough on ensuring that I remained an A.D.I. and would not hesitate to recommend your professionalism to anyone. Ray Waterhouse Willow Driver Training Peterborough
Carlen White ADI Tamworth
Hi John, (or should that be Trevor) After passing my part 3 yesterday, to much relief, I just wanted to let you know and others my thoughts. Having had a miserable experience with a so-called ´big´ company, I was ready to give up and lose even more money, until I met John. John is the best thing since sliced bread and he got me back on track and more importantly put a smile on my face. Prior to John, lessons became a drag and I felt like a lost puppy, with a feeling I was going round in circles and getting nowhere. John made learning fun and everything seemed so much easier to understand and achieve. If only i had met John 2 years ago. Thanks for everything A very happy Carlen White ADI
Robert Brown ADI Leicester
My name´s Robert, I´m an ADI of 5 year´s. Even with that amount of experience I knew there´s so much more I can learn. I searched the Internet for a grade 6-instructor trainer and found John Pierrepont. I´ve only had a 2-hour lesson with John today and I´ve learnt so much more than I could´ve hoped for. John has helped me to understand many long standing questions that other trainer´s have been vague with. I very highly recommend John to any instructor who has any doubt´s or question´s about teaching people to drive or any other concern´s you may have such as the part 3, check test guidance or CPD. I look forward to coming back for more training... Thank you John...
Dave Hollis ADI Derby
Passed 1st Time

I was nearing the end of my part three course and had been advised to apply to take the test. Due to not feeling ready to take the test I decided that a second opinion and extra training was required. Following a search on the internet I came across John Pierrepont and made the call. After an assessment and extra training with John, he arranged for me to sit in on actual lessons with his instructors Gurj & Doug. This boosted my confidence and subsequently I applied for the part 3 test, which I passed first time. I do not hesitate in recommending John Pierrepont for the professional and friendly approach he takes when helping people.
Keith Gilroy ADI Burton-on-Trent
Passed 1st Time

I am now an ex professional footballer, I had to retire through injury but when I first met John, I was still playing but battling against injury. I decided I needed a back up plan and a challenge if I did need to eventually give up my career as a footballer. John came highly recommended by a friend who passed his ADI Part 3 through John’s guidance. I was very nervous starting on the road to becoming a Driving Instructor but after one session with John I soon felt relaxed. John created a very relaxed environment within the lovely surroundings of his home and family. I would always look forward each week to my two hour slot of training with John and after having a cuppa, if we had time, out came “Trevor” (his role play friend) and we would get to work.Trevor is the pupil that you are attempting to improve on every PST, If you can teach Trevor to drive, you can teach anyone! I did my Parts 1, 2 and 3 training with John and with a few months stop gap in the middle due to an operation I had to have, I am pleased to say that I passed in just over a year. I hear and read stories of people paying lump sums of money up front to big companies who offer driving instruction. However, they never seem to get the tuition and care that is so needed and often end up failing. With John you get one to one tuition, get to learn in a hard working but fun environment and can pay as a when you see him, which was a major plus for me. I have now stared my own business and any questions I have, John is still just a phone call away and always happy to help. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to follow the same path that I have taken should go to John and Trevor for a fun and affordable way to get there. I love my new job and thank John and his Son, Alex who have aided me along the way. Finally I would like to thank the challenging “Trevor”, but I am happy to say that I will never have to see him again! Keith Gilroy (Burton Upon Trent)
Steve Chaplin ADI Ilkeston
Passed 1st Time

I started my journey to become an ADI back in 2003, but unfortunately I wasn´t aware of John Pierrepont at that time and instead chose a trainer who had very little experience in training instructors. I failed all 3 attempts of Part 2. Looking back now at that time, I can say for sure that the quality of training I received was of a low standard.Move the clock forward 6 years and after being made redundant in 2009 I decided to have another go at becoming an ADI. Over this time one name kept coming up and everytime this person was mentioned, nothing but good things were said about him. That name was John Trevor Pierrepont. I decided to give him a call, obviously I was concerned about Part 2, but John with his patience and ability got me ready and I passed Part 2 on my first attempt. The confidence that John gave me to pass Part 2, made me believe that passing Part 3 would be no problem, as long as I listened to him I knew I could do it. John´s attention to detail is second to none and no stone is left unturned.I can say I was not the easiest person to train, but I found John´s patience very helpful. If there are two pieces of advice I would give to anybody reading this, who is thinking of training with John, the first one would be....DON´T THINK!... just pick up the phone and book a session!... The second thing, is to listen to him and trust him because he knows his subject insideout. I passed Part 3 first time!!! In football Jose Mourinho is regarded by some players, coaches, and criticts as one of the best managers of all time and is commonly known as "The Special One". I am sure many people who are now ADI,s having been trained by John over the years would agree with me in saying when it comes to instructor training John Trevor Pierrepont is without doubt "The Special One"
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